Blackberry Honey: 
Light amber in color. Very mild in tatse. Nectar comes from wild blackberry bushes. 
                                                 Blueberry Honey:
Medium in color. Blueberry mild and moderately fruity in taste. Nectar comes from the flowers of the bluebeery bush. 
                                                                                  Buckwheat Honey: Dark in color. Buckwheat will be the darkest you will find. Very bold and flavorful, tasting like molasses and malt . Nectar comes fron the buckwheat plant. Buckwheat seed is also used for making bucwheat flower. 
                                                      Clover Honey: 
Medium amber in color. Clover has a mild taste. Nectar is collected from white dutch clover. Clover honey is what most supermarkets sell. Also known as the regular honey. 
                       Locust Honey:
Light yellow to water white in color. Mild in taste. Nectar comes from the Black Locust tree Bloom. 
                                                                                                                                                                                     Orange Blossom Honey: White to extra light amber in color wtih the aroma of orange blossom.
Wildflower Honey:
Combination of different floral souces
Can be light to dark  
in color and vary in floral sources from year to year.
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Honey Varieties
 There are three hundred varieties of honey in the United States. Below you will find infiormation and descriptions of the honey. Our honey is considered raw honey. At the time of extraction the honey is strained to remove wax and bee parts. Local and Regional Honey. We try to make regional honey availible to have more varieties. Regional honey is consider raw honey.
To purchase twelve ounce and five pound size please leave information in contact page. One pound $15.50 Prices include shipping USPS.  WE DO NOT SELL FROM HOME.

Local delivery contact 410-391-5709
Besswax Candles
When the honey extraction is done and fhe bees are ready for winter. A portion of our wax cappings that were rendered during season in our solar wax melter are now processed into candles, wax blocks and christmas ornaments. 
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